The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of 2020 January 10th

A penumbral lunar eclipse, the first of four visible in 2020, occurred early in the evening of January 10th, for observers in the British Isles. As this was a penumbral, and not a total or partial lunar eclipse, none of the Moon lay within the Earth’s umbral shadow, which was to the south of the Moon. This image, captured by Paul Sutherland with a handheld lens from Walmer in Kent, shows the mid part of the event, which was at approximately 19h 11m UT.

The partial lunar eclipse on 2019 July 16th

In 2019, observers were treated to two lunar eclipses.  The eclipse on January 21st was a total one, though it meant getting up before dawn to see it, at the coldest part of the year! Hence it would be mainly diehard enthusiasts that made the effort to see the first of the two.

The eclipse on July 16th was  partial, with the Moon passing through the southern sector of the Earth’s shadow cone, with the maximum phase occurring at 21h 32m UT, when 65% of the Moon lay in the umbral shadow. Read more