April 2017


The Moon’s ‘Golden Handle’.

David Davies has made a number of lunar images using his APM107 refractor and ASI224MC colour camera. These were forwarded to me by Dave Finnigan. Below is David’s image of Sinus Iridum on the terminator, with the Sun’s rays striking the Montes Jura and creating the effect of a handle arcing out into the lunar night.


David’s second image shows the mighty Clavius and below this is a drawing by Mike Hezzlewood of the same crater, with its interior still in darkness with the Sun illuminating parts of the rim and the craters Clavius D and C.

Last, and by no means least, comes colin Munt’s drawing of the 83 km diameter Archimedes. Colin tells me he is a relative newcomer to observational drawing and I am most impressed by his  efforts.


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