July–August 2020


18           Observatories, art and stars:

Astronomical Society of Edinburgh                                                     Mark Phillips                                                    

21           Music through space and time                                                   Pete Williamson

28           Interview with Alan Hale                                                             Katrin Raynor-Evans

                Discovery of a Great Comet


4             Editorial                                                                                               Robin Scagell                    

4             AstroNews                                                                                         Amber Hornsby

               30 years of Hubble                                                                          Thomas Shutt                   

                The closest black hole to Earth – hiding in plain sight!      Abigail Frost

                A baby planet caught in the act of formation                        Amber Hornsby

                Nearest brown dwarf has Jupiter-like bands                         Rebecca Brown

9              Citizen Science                                                                                 Alice Sheppard

                Lost at Night

10           Telescope Topics                                                                             Ian Morison

                Newtonians and their derivatives part 3:


12           Amateur Scene                                                                                 Peter Wade

                University activities / Space rocks through the ages /

               Coventry’s busy society/

                Women in the British Astronomical Association /

                Astronomy by the A40 / Out and about

14           How to                                                                                                 Gordon Haynes

                make your own night-sky videos

24           Young Stargazers                                                                             Robin Scagell

                From the Chief Stargazer                                                              Lucie Green       

                Measure the Sun’s diameter                                                       Robin Scagell

                A skyful of names                                                                             Robin Scagell                     

31           Space Exploration                                                                           Nisha Beerjeraz-Hoyle                

Astronauts launched from US soil for the first time

in nine years /    Roscosmos designer general dies aged 64 /

                BepiColombo Earth flyby brings new opportunities /

                Heavenly questions for Mars  /

                SpaceX to try new Sun visor on Starlinks

34           What’s up?                                                                                         Robin Scagell

                July and August 2020

                Focus on Ophiuchus

36           Section Reports

                Deep Sky                                                                                             David Finnigan

                Comet                                                                                                  Stuart Atkinson

                Solar                                                                                                      Geoff Elston                                                      

Planetary                                                                                             Alan Clitherow

                Variable Star                                                                                      Matthew Barrett

43           The Society Pages

                SPA meetings go online /

                SPA meeting on Saturday 25 July 2020, 2 pm /

                Solar update by Prof Lucie Green /

                Sun, Venus and comets

44    Sky Diary

                Moon data                                                                                          Mandy Bailey

                Occultation notes / Meteor notes                                             Mell Jeffery / Mark McIntyre

                Planets / Variable Star notes                                                       Alan Clitherow / Matthew Barrett

46           SPA contacts

47           Showcase