July-August 2017

Popular Astronomy
Popular Astronomy July-August 2017


10 Centenary of the Hooker telescope Bryan Woods
17 The Inca Milky Way Keith Wilson
18 Making astronomical discoveries on cloudy days: The Society for the History Bob Bower
20 Darkness at noon: total eclipses of the Sun Terry Moseley
22 SPA? That will do nicely! Graham Sparrow      
4      Editorial Amanda Doyle            
4      AstroNews Amy Tyndall
AstroNews in brief Amanda Doyle
Galactic dark matter less influential in early Universe Osnat Katz
Solar simulations show new magnetic model can explain all eruptions Sarah Jaffa
Taking the plunge: Cassini dives between Saturn and its rings Emma Foxell
New star formation observed in winds of supermassive black holes Kerry Hebden
9       Letters                
12  Telescope Topics Ian Morison
An amateur astronomer’s telescope: (2) Large aperture Newtonians and catadioptric telescopes
14 Amateur Scene Peter Wade
Orwell anniversary celebration / Messier’s 200-year challenge
Stargazing at home and away / Mars week – invaded by Martians
24 Young Stargazers Robin Scagell
From the Chief Stargazer  Lucie Green
Strange new worlds Robin Scagell
Finding “earth stars” Robin Scagell
Those amazing lunar mountains Robin Scagell
28 Citizen Science Alice Sheppard
Taking people into the night
29 Space Exploration Helen Walker
Europa or Enceladus – where best to look for life? / Schoolboy error
Mars’ air and water  / Rosetta news
Other Mars news / Ups and downs
32 Abell 370        
33 Section Reports
Solar Geoff Elston
Lunar Graham Sparrow
Planetary Alan Clitherow
Deep Sky David Finnigan
Variable StarTracie Heywood
41 The Society Pages
Brave new world – a virtual journey to the planets in our Galaxy Steven Anderson
Convention report Paul Sutherland
SPA meetings
44 Sky Diary
Moon data Mandy Bailey
Occultation notes / Meteor notes Mell Jeffery / Tracie Heywood
Planets / Variable Star notes  Alan Clitherow / Tracie Heywood
46 SPA contacts
47 Showcase