July-August 2016

Popular Astronomy
Popular Astronomy July-August 2016


 17 Impact assessment Ted Nield
20 Supernova: a blast from the past Melanie Davies
29 The mysteries of dark matter Thomas Shutt
32 The rise and rise of SpaceX Conor Farrell
35 Surveyor: the precursor to Apollo Vick Haviland
 4  Editorial  Amanda Doyle  
 4  AstroNews Amy Tyndall
AstroNews in brief Amanda Doyle
$40 million grant awarded to establish new cosmological observatory Amy Tyndall      
Unveiling the James Webb Space Telescope mirror Tom Barratt
Boiling water shapes martian terrain  Melanie Davies
Kepler discovers the four-way dance of Neptunian planetary system Amy Tyndall
Galaxy maps show Einstein’s theory still valid in distant Universe  Kerry Hebden
10 Telescope Topics Ian Morison
Aligning an Equatorial Mount
12 Citizen Science Alice Sheppard
Black holes and long wavelengths
13 Amateur Scene Peter Wade
Right royal welcome for eclipse-watchers / Cosmonauts on parade
 Keeping an eye on space weather / More on giant telescope
SHA’s county roll-call / Out and about
22 Young Stargazers
From the Chief Stargazer Lucie Green
What would it be like to …    live in a colliding galaxy? Alan Ackerley
Landmarks in space travel: Sputnik 1 George Ford
Could you spot a meteorite? Kate Blackham / Robin Scagell
Observing challenge: Observe the Perseid meteors  Robin Scagell
26 Space Exploration Helen Walker
Humans in space – Tim Peake / Working towards a lunar base?
 Solar System round-up
36 Section Reports
Fabulous fireballs! Tony Markham
March galaxies and nebulae David Finnigan
Jupiter dominates at opposition                Alan Clitherow
High H-alpha activity contrasts low sunspot activity Geoff Elston
Aurora and NLC                Sandra Brantingham
Mira at maximum Tony Markham
43 The Society Pages
Measuring a billion starstars Robin Scagell
SPA meetings
44  Sky Diary
Moon data Mandy Bailey
luna occultations / Planets Mell Jeffery / Alan Clitherow
Meteor notes / Variable Star notes Tony Markham
46 SPA contacts
47 Showcase