January–February 2019


14           Dark Sky Wales – A bright tale  Katrin Raynor-Evans

24           Pro-Am Collaborations and NASA’s Juno Mission  Leigh N. Fletcher/John H. Rogers

31           Mysteries of the ancients  Simon Perks


4      Editorial    Osnat Katz    

4      AstroNews Amber Hornsby

A galaxy-scale fountain of cold molecular gas pumped by a black hole    Gaargi Jain

Roses are red, (some) asteroids are blue  Amber Hornsby  

Blackbody stars: perfectly lighting up the night sky  Abigail Frost

Supermassive black holes merge in obscured galaxies  Emma Foxell

Tranquil and serene? Not in this dwarf galaxy  Kerry Hebden

9              Citizen Science  Alice Sheppard

Meteors and Meteorites

10           Telescope Topics   Ian Morison

Everything about refractors: Part 1 − their objective lenses

12           Amateur Scene    Peter Wade

Jodrell dish listed / Raising the profile of physics /

Triton discoverer’s resting place/

Team effort at Beijing Olympiad /

New challenges for the Federation of Astronomical Societies /

Alice Grace Cook: East Anglia’s pioneer / Out and about

17           How to observe deep-sky objects  Dave Finnigan

20           Young Stargazers  Cardiff University

From the Chief Stargazer  Lucie Green   

Augmented reality: the inner planets  Faulkes Telescope Project

Hot stuff: mission to Mercury blasts off  Space Scoop            

A flash in the night sky  Space Scoop

28           Space Exploration  Jane MacArthur

Landing site selection for the ExoMars rover and Mars 2020/

Cassini results from the final ultra-close orbits of Saturn /

Dust storms on Titan

34           Centaurus A  ESO / NASA image

35           Section Reports

                Variable Star Matthew Barrett

Planetary  Alan Clitherow

Deep Sky  David Finnigan

Solar   Geoff Elston

40           Errata   

41           The Society Pages

                Leslie Green / SPA meetings /

100 Hours of Astronomy /

How we’ll live on Mars Keith Moseley

 44    Sky Diary

                Moon data  Mandy Bailey

Occultation notes / Meteor notes Mell Jeffery / Paul Sutherland

Planets / Variable Star notes   Alan Clitherow / Matthew Barrett

46           SPA contacts

 47           Showcase