January-February 2018

Popular Astronomy
Popular Astronomy January-February 2018


18  The mystery of brown dwarf formation  Chrissy Mitchell
20  Beam me up, Scotty? Jan Drozd
28  Report of the total solar eclipse  Peter Parish
21  August 2017 from Wyoming


4      Editorial  Amanda Doyle
4    A new look SPA  Tim O’Brien
5      AstroNews  Amanda Doyle
       Supermassive black hole powered by minor galaxy merger  Kerry Hebden
       Ocean of Enceladus kept warm by hot porous core  Nicholas House
       Molecular zoo found in Sculptor Galaxy  Melanie Davies
       Exo Belts found orbiting Proxima Centauri  Melanie Davies
       Dwarf planet Ceres may once have had an ancient, global ocean  Amanda Doyle
10  Helen Walker  Guy Fennimore
12  Telescope Topics  Ian Morison
       Dark adaptation and limiting magnitude
14   Amateur Scene   Peter Wade
       Great American eclipse round-up / Cardiff welcomes first medal winner
        Silent search goes on / Customised info online /
     Far northern society / Out and about
17  Citizen Science  Alice Sheppard
24  Young Stargazers   Robin Scagell
From the Chief Stargazer  Lucie Green
Can we survive an asteroid strike?  Alan Ackerley
Astrocrafts: “Rocket Blanket” or multi-layer insulation  Alice Sheppard
The Myths of Mars  Robin Scagell
30  Space Exploration  Jane MacArthur
2018: The year for astonishing asteroid science /
OSIRIS-REx arrives at asteroid Bennu in August /
Hayabusa2 visits asteroid Ryugu in July/Extended Dawn at Ceres /
Third time lucky for New Horizons occultations /
Mars Express surveys high-altitude clouds / Sun storm sparks global aurora on Mars
33   Letters
A moment’s inattention…  Rob Peeling
How large is a large telescope?  Brian M. Russell
34   Book Reviews
Apollo  Michael Penston (YSG)
Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World  Jan Drozd
35  Section Reports
Planetary  Alan Clitherow
Solar  Geoff Elston
Lunar  Graham Sparrow
Deep Sky  David Finnigan
Meteor  Tracie Heywood
Variable Star Tracie Heywood
42 The Society Pages
SPA meetings / Membership renewals / E J Hysom /
Radio Transits: From Pulsars to Fast Radio Bursts  Steve Anderson
44    Sky Diary
Moon data  Mandy Bailey
Occultation notes / Meteor notes  Mell Jeffery / Tracie Heywood
Planets / Variable Star notes  Alan Clitherow / TracieHeywood
46  SPA contacts
47  Showcase