January-February 2017

Popular Astronomy
Popular Astronomy January -February 2017


14           The jewels of Perseus Martin Griffiths
18           The origins of popular astronomy Allan Chapman
26           A day in the life of a radio astronomer Megan Argo
28           Is Proxima b habitable? Amber Hornsby
4                  Editorial Amanda Doyle
4                 AstroNews Amy Tyndall
                     Supermassive black hole observed in galactic debris Andrew May
            Riddle of Moon’s mysterious ringed crater solved Nicholas House
                Quasar halos could change theory of galaxy formation Thomas Barratt
            Imaging the birthplace of planets Emma Foxell
            New space strategies for “New Space”  Matjaz Vidmar
9              Q&A with Chris Lintott 
10                Telescope Topics  Ian Morison
            Astronomy books, software and websites that will help you
                enjoy the night sky.
12                Amateur Scene Peter Wade
            Irish society selection / ASH members put to the test
            Points mean prizes / On the trail of D. E. Benson
                A society in numbers / Out and about
17           Citizen Science Alice Sheppard
            Science, art and space junk
22           Young Stargazers Robin Scagell             
            Hop on an asteroid  Alan Ackerley
            From the Chief Stargazer Lucie Green
            Space hazards! Alice Sheppard
            Rocket race game Alice Sheppard
31           Space Exploration Helen Walker
            ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter and Schiaparelli lander /
                     Launchers and landings / Curiosity and Opportunity still going strong /
                Goodbye to Rosetta / The Moon and an asteroid impact
34           Book Reviews
                The Cosmic Web Amber Hornsby
            Searching for the Oldest Stars: Ancient Relics from Osnat Katz
the Early Universe
35           Section Reports
                Deep sky Dave Finnigan
            Lunar                –
                Planetary  Alan Clitherow
            Aurora and NLC Sandra Brantingham
            Variable stars Tracie Heywood
            Meteor Tracie Heywood
42           The Society Pages
                The SPA at Jodrell Bank
                SPA meetings
                Einstein’s Relativity: tested to the limit with pulsars
                Jack Meadows (1934–2016)
44    Sky Diary
                Moon data Mandy Bailey
            Lunar occultations / Planets Mell Jeffery / Alan Clitherow
                Meteor notes / Variable Star notes  Tracie Heywood
46           SPA contacts

47                Showcase