How to be an astronomer

Your step-by-step guide to becoming an experienced stargazer!

Step 1

Read our help file on How to get started in observing. This gives you the basic information you need to learn the way the sky moves, how to tell a planet from a star, when to see the Moon and when to avoid it, and how to find objects in the sky.

Step 2

Go to our help file on Learning the constellations.┬áHere you’ll find out why different constellations are on view throughout the night and throughout the year, and how to know when to see them.

Step 3

Choose your month. This will tell you how to pick out the main constellations on view at any time, and the main objects on view in each one. Most of the objects we mention are visible with the naked eye.

Step 4

Next clear night, go out and start learning!