October 2018

Section member Mark Beveridge sent in all of the submissions to the section this month, a total of fifteen digital images.

Ten of these were of galaxies or pairs of galaxies;  the first three images below can all be found in the constellation of Pegasus:

NGC 7339 (left) and NGC 7332


NGC 7769 (left) and NGC 7771


NGC 7479

NGC 7479 is a barred spiral starburst galaxy, with new stars being formed in the nucleus, the bar and the spiral arms.

Nearby in Andromeda is edge – on  barred spiral galaxy NGC 7640:

NGC 7640

Mark imaged face – on spiral galaxy NGC 488 in Pisces:

NGC 488

The next five images of galaxies are all within the constellation of Cetus:

NGC 337


NGC 151


NGC 521


NGC 891


NGC 7013

Mark imaged two planetary nebulae;  NGC 6765 in Lyra and NGC 6778 in Aquila:

NGC 6765


NGC 6778

Mark also captured the Iris reflection nebula in the constellation of Cepheus:

NGC 7023

All of the above images were taken using a Celestron 200mm Edge HD SCT at f10.4 with a SXR-H814 mono camera plus red, green and blue filters.

Using a focal reducer to give a focal ratio of around 7.3 Mark took a further two images of nebulae;  M42 emission nebula and IC 434 the Horsehead emission/dark nebula;  both in the constellation of Orion.



IC 434


Dave Finnigan