December 2013

Dale Holt sent in six drawings of deep sky objects to the section during the month:     


NGC 266

 This drawing is of the barred spiral galaxy NGC 266 in Pisces, and is the first made with the Watec video camera at the prime focus of Dale’s 20″ f3.7 reflector, observed on 30.11.13.

The tiny galaxy also visible above and left of NGC 266 is PGC 212604, magnitude 16.4!

On the 5th of December Dale observed and drew the planetary nebula NGC 1535 (also known as Cleopatra’s eye) in Eridanus, and the barred spiral galaxy NGC 1300, also in Eridanus, which he described as being fainter than expected, being low in the south.

NGC 1535
NGC 1300


NGC 2163

This drawing is of NGC 2163, a bi-polar reflection nebula in Orion.  Dale observed this object,(which bears a marked resemblance to a bow tie!),on the  27th of December.

NGC 2537

Dale turned his telescope to the constellation of the Lynx on the 29th of December,  firstly NGC 2537 (also known as Arp 6), which is commonly called “the bear’s paw”.  It is certainly an unusual galaxy.


IC 2233

The second galaxy, IC 2233, is seen edge – on, and is indeed extremely narrow object.


Dave Finnigan