Welcome to the Deep Sky Section

Studying the deep sky is the most rewarding area of astronomy. What we mean by deep sky is everything beyond our solar system, which includes double stars, galaxies, star clusters and nebulae.

You don’t need a telescope to study the deep sky, a pair of 10×50 binoculars is quite sufficient to view many objects but remember to attach binoculars to something solid to eliminate shaking.

Telescopic users have virtually the whole universe to explore and even a small telescope will resolve hundreds of open clusters, split thousands of double stars and even view some structural detail in the brightest galaxies, all with a 6 inch aperture. Larger apertures will resolve more detail giving a clearer and brighter view of these magnificent objects and all that is required is a healthy dose of enthusiasm and adventure to voyage among the stars from the comfort and safety of your own backyard.

The SPA Deep Sky Section is here to help and assist anyone who would like to view these fine objects whether you are a novice or seasoned veteran there’s something the Deep Sky Section can offer you.

Should you join the SPA Deep sky section, you may obtain an observing form for your observations and a guide to observing and sketching deep-sky objects from “downloadable forms” under the “Reference” heading.