How to find comet Pons-Brooks

There’s a comet in the evening sky at the moment! But don’t go out and hope to see something whizzing across the sky, like in some movies. Although it is huge, and is indeed whizzing, it’s actually about 240 million km away from us, so right now it’s actually quite faint and can only be seen to move very, very slowly against the starry background. But it’s getting brighter and should be visible with binoculars so it is worth a look.

1708802396447 3 St
Comet 12P Pons-Brooks photographed from Stockport on 25 February by Sonia Turkington using a ZWO Seestar 50 smart telescope

The comet is currently in the constellation of Andromeda, and during March it will pass through Pisces and then Aries – all easily found areas of the early evening sky. Our Comet Section director Stuart Atkinson has prepared a full guide to finding the comet, along with information about this object. So get your binoculars at the ready and take a look!