Your exclusive tour of the new SKA HQ

If you thought that SKA was a style of Jamaican music, think again. It’s an amazing new radio telescope with a collecting area of a whole square kilometre – the Square Kilometre Array, geddit? – that is currently being built across Australia and South Africa.

SKA image
The venerable Jodrell Bank radio telescope looms over the headquarters of the Square Kilometre Array

When completed it will consist of nearly 200 separate radio dishes and literally thousands of separate antennas, making it the world’s largest radio telescope. And the HQ of this fantastic new world-beating instrument is actually in deepest Cheshire, at Jodrell Bank. This is where astronomers will control the whole thing, meet to discuss operations and make amazing discoveries about the Universe.

We sent our video blogger Vicky Duncalf along to see the shiny new building and find out what’s going on there. You can view her micro-documentary and interview with the SKA’s Mathieu Isidro on our YouTube channel, so take a look right now!

Vicky Video with her new black-hole T-shirt at the SKA HQ