Spot the Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) is in our evening skies again between 26 January and 13 February. You’ll be able to see it every clear night until 11 February from anywhere in the UK, gliding through our skies as a brilliant star. It appears brighter than most planes, despite being hundreds of kilometres away, and on good passes you can watch as it passes well over central Europe. Amaze your friends with your predictive powers!

ISS trail
Through the heart of the Moon: Paul Sutherland snapped this trail of the ISS crossing the Moon in April 2017

You need to get predictions to see it for each day and for your own location. To find out how, look at our help file which tells you how to get predictions, and, just as important, how to turn those predictions into a successful observation! We also have a more detailed help file which tells you more about the ISS and gives further tips for observing it.

But don’t leave it too long! The series ends on 13 February, and you won’t be able to see it again from the UK in the evening until in the third week of March.