July‚ÄďAugust 2021


17           How far can we see?                                                                      John Gribbin

20           Thomas Harriot. The eclipsed astronomer                           Bryan Woods

27           Stargazing success on St Martin’s                                             Charlie Payne




4      Editorial                                                                                                      Robin Scagell                    


4      AstroNews                                                                                                Amber Hornsby

               Hubble dazzles with anniversary photo                                   Thomas Shutt                   

                The search for earthlike cores                                                     Shirin Gul Zaidi

                Bursts of radio waves found in spiral arms                             Amber Hornsby

                The universal raindrop                                                                   Gayathri Eknath

                Where did the Winchcombe meteorite originate?             Theo Nicitopoulos


9              Citizen Science Alice Sheppard

                Running citizen science events


10           Telescope Topics                                                                             Ian Morison

                Telescope mounts part 5: premium mounts


12           Amateur Scene                                                                                 Peter Wade

                Stars shine at our local / Lively Oxford societies /

                Dark sky walkers / Lunar round revisited / Out and about


14           How to                                                                                                 Ian Morison

                choose and use an astro-camera


23           Young Stargazers            

                From the Chief Stargazer                                                              Lucie Green       

                What would it be like to… eat and drink in space?             Rachael Wood

                Constellations / Our Moon                                                           Rachael Wood                                  

                Photo challenge / Finding the Moon by day         


29           Space Exploration                                                                           Nisha Beerjeraz-Hoyle                

                China lands a rover on Mars                                                        Nisha Beerjeraz-Hoyle

                Ingenuity helicopter flies on Mars                                             Emma Foxell

                New Horizons reaches rare 50 AU milestone                        Eleni Tsiakaliari

                Japan’s ispace will transport UAE’s rover to the                  Eleni Tsiakaliari

                Moon in 2022

JWST launch delays highly likely                                                 Emma Foxell /Nisha Beerjeraz-Hoyle


32           What’s up?                                                                                         Robin Scagell

                July and August 2021

Focus on Draco

Views of the Cat’s Eye


34           Section Reports

                Lunar / Deep Sky                                                                              David Graham / David Finnigan

                Solar / Planetary                                                                               Alan Clitherow

                Variable Star / Meteor                                                                   Matthew Barrett / Mark McIntyre


41           Books

                The Spacefarer’s Handbook                                                        Stuart Atkinson

                Cosmic Messengers: The Limits of Astronomy in an           Mark McIntyre

Unruly Universe


42           Letters

                Is there a limit to what we can discover?                               Dr Steve Hubbard / Dr Malcolm E Brown

                Crunching at home / Quirky astro pubs                                  John Fairweather / Robin Scagell


43           The Society Pages

                Online meeting: Saturday, 31 July at 2 pm

                Dr George Seabroke (MSSL): The Gaia Revolution

                Forthcoming SPA meetings

                Online SPA meeting report for Saturday 24 April 2021      Neil Waby          

                Current and Future Mars Missions by Prof Andrew Coates 

                Pop Astro Live


44    Sky Diary

                Moon data / Occultation notes                                                  Mandy Bailey / Mell Jeffery

                Meteor notes                                                                                    Mark McIntyre

                Planets / Variable Star notes                                                       Alan Clitherow / Matthew Barrett


46           SPA contacts


47           Showcase