March-April 2021


18           Supernovae: when stars go bang!                                           Julian Onions    

26           Felis – the cat that went missing                                               Stuart Atkinson

28           Arecibo’s legacy of discoveries                                                  Amber Hornsby


4             Editorial                                                                                               Robin Scagell                    

4             AstroNews                                                                                         Amber Hornsby

               Boost(er) from the past!                                                               Amber Hornsby                                

                Stellar flares may highlight inhabited worlds                        Greg Cooke

                CHEOPS uncovers harmonious exoplanets                            Amber Hornsby

                Neutrino flavours are key to understanding massive         Rebecca Brown

star death          

                Mini-moons? Another one?!                                                       Abigail Frost 

9              Citizen Science                                                                                 Alice Sheppard

                SETI and Arecibo

10           Telescope Topics                                                                             Ian Morison

                Telescope mounts part 3: £800 to £1,200 mounts

12           Amateur Scene                                                                                 Peter Wade

                Spreading the virtual word

Amateur astronomers surveyed

               Space race start for Lincoln

National Astronomy Week online

                Major project for Notts society  

Out and about

14           How to                                                                                                 Robin Scagell    

                begin deep-sky imaging: Part 2

22           Young Stargazers            

                From the Chief Stargazer                                                              Lucie Green       

                Young astronomers get together                                              Diederick Vroom

30           Space Exploration                                                                           Nisha Beerjeraz-Hoyle                

JWST set for launch on All Hallows Eve                                    Matjaz Vidmar

                Lucy due for October launch to Trojan asteroids                 Emma Foxell

                Three probes reach the Red Planet                                           Matjaz Vidmar

                Extraterrestrial samples make it back to Earth                     Emma Foxell

                Bridenstine emphasises unity in farewell                               Nisha Beerjeraz-Hoyle

33           Section Reports

                Variable Star                                                                                      Matthew Barrett

                Planetary                                                                                             Alan Clitherow

                Deep Sky                                                                                             David Finnigan

                Meteor                                                                                                 Mark McIntyre


40           What’s up?                                                                                         Robin Scagell

                March and April 2021

                Focus on Leo

                Views of the Triplet

42           The Society Pages

                Professor Sir Arnold Wolfendale FRS                                        Prof Ian Robson

                (1927–2020) – Patron of the SPA

                Annual General Meeting                                                               Guy Fennimore

                Online meeting: Saturday, 24 April 2021

Prof Geraint H Jones, UCL-MSSL: The Comet Interceptor Mission

                Meet our new President              

44    Sky Diary

                Moon data                                                                                          Mandy Bailey

                Occultation notes / Planets                                                          Mell Jeffery / Alan Clitherow

                Meteor notes/ Variable Star notes                                           Mark McIntyre / Matthew Barrett

46           SPA contacts

47           Showcase