May–June 2022


14           Watching planets of other stars                                                Niall Deacon

20           A telescopic revolution?                                                               Jan Drozd           

30           The king’s treasure house                                                            Martin Griffiths


4             Editorial                                                                                      Robin Scagell                    

              AstroNews                                                                                  Amber Hornsby

               Record solar prominence                                                             Nikki Zabel         

                The glow from a kilonova                                                              Ben Coughenour

                First quadruple asteroid system discovered                          Theo Nicitopoulos

                Over 5,000 exoplanets confirmed                                             Amber Hornsby

                The mystery of ORCs                                                                      Amber Hornsby

9              An Astronomer’s View                                                                  Stuart Atkinson

                Weather Woes

10           Telescope Topics                                                                             Ian Morison

                Electronically assisted astronomy part 2

12           Amateur Scene                                                                                 Peter Wade

                Encouraging dark-sky tourism / A look at ourselves /

               Lancashire’s circle of sundials / Celebrating the Herschels /

                Sunderland’s eyes on the skies / Out and about

17           How to                                                                                                Dave Eagle

                How to observe small bodies

22           Young Stargazers                                                                             Rachael Wood

                From the Chief Stargazer                                                              Lucie Green       

                Constellation spotting: Boötes                                                   Rachael Wood

                Star birth / Balloon Solar System                                               Rachael Wood                                  

                How I became an astronomer                                                     Emily Charles

26           Book Reviews  

                Stars of Orion                                                                                     Linda Sadiq                        

                Everything You Ever Wanted to Know                                     Emma Rigby

                About the Universe

27           Space Exploration                                  Paul Sutherland and Team                                          Webb fine-tunes mirror alignment                                         Eleni Tsiakaliari

                ExoMars is grounded by crisis in Ukraine                                Paul Sutherland

                Business as usual on the ISS                                                         Paul Sutherland

                IXPE targets a supernova remnant                                            Paul Sutherland

                Solar storm dooms Starlink satellites                                       Emma Foxell

                NASA’s Moon rocket unveiled                                                    Paul Sutherland

34           What’s up?                                                                                         Robin Scagell

                May and June 2022

                Focus on Coma Berenices / Coma gallery

36           Section Reports

                Variable Star                                                                                      Matthew Barrett


                Planetary                                                                                             Alan Clitherow

                Meteor                                                                                                 Mark McIntyre

                Deep Sky                                                                                             David Finnigan

43           The Society Pages

                Forthcoming SPA London meetings

                Report of online SPA meeting, 29 January 2022                   Neil Waby

                The Comet Interceptor Mission by Prof Geraint Jones

                SPA Meetings   

44    Sky Diary

                Moon data /Occultation notes /                                                 Mandy Bailey / Mell Jeffery

                Total lunar eclipse, 16 May / Planets /                                     Robin Scagell / Alan Clitherow

                Variable Star notes / Meteor notes                                          Matthew Barrett / Mark McIntyre

46           SPA contacts

47           Showcase