How to leave the planet

27 April, 2019: How to leave the planet. Speaker: Dallas Campbell

At our London meeting on 27 April, science broadcaster and author Dallas Campbell looks to the future and foresees the day when ordinary people will be able to follow in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong.

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Weekend course

Our weekend courses

We’ll be holding another weekend course in November 2019 – details to be announced. Meanwhile, you can click here to find out about last year’s Preston Montford Weekend Course

The night sky in April 2019

Here is a map of the sky as it will appear from the latitude of London (51° 50′) in mid April, 2019, at 22h UT (GMT).

How to get started in stargazing

Learning the sky might seem tricky at first. There are so many stars, and unlike visiting a new town or city, the stars keep on moving around!

Choosing a telescope

If you’re interested in astronomy, it stands to reason that you need a telescope, and the bigger the better.