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Meetings and Events

The SPA usually holds regular Saturday meetings every three months in London, though these are currently being broadcast online instead due to the coronavirus.


Our observing sections

Whatever your interests, we’ve a section to suit you. Get expert advice and send in your own observations.

Weekend course

Our weekend courses

The SPA runs an annual weekend course where members can observe and learn together.


The night sky in October 2020

Here is a map of the sky as it will appear from the latitude of London (51° 50′) this month, at 22h UT (GMT).

Aries and Taurus from Kelling Heath with CLS filter

How to start stargazing

Learning the sky might seem tricky at first. There are so many stars, and unlike visiting a new town or city, the stars keep on moving around! But don’t give up! With a few tips and tricks, you’ll soon start to tell yourRead more

Array of amateur telescopes

Choosing a telescope

If you’re interested in astronomy, it stands to reason that you need a telescope, and the bigger the better. But for most of us, there’s a lot of research to do before you can make the plunge. There is aRead more