ISS pass 20210923 20:40 BST

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ISS pass 20210923 20:40 BST

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Was anyone else watching the 21:40 ISS pass on 23rd September ? If so did you notice a second satellite to the south at about mag 0 and travelling in a similar direction.

Edit for clarity the times in BST from Heaven's above were
Visible at 20:46 , Highest Point 20:50:22 & in shadow at 20:56:56 BST.

It faded well before the position the ISS faded so I assume it was in a lower orbit.

There was nothing predicted on Heavens Above for my location (Carshalton, London) .

There were a number of Starlink Satellites predicted to pass about 10 - 15 mins earlier but at mag 2.5

I suspect the satellite I saw was a Starlink satellite that was at the end of it's life and was being de-orbited .

Has anyone identified or found any information about this satellite ?

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