Nextgen Starlink, thin end of the wedge?

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Re: Nextgen Starlink, thin end of the wedge?

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The starlink average power quoted at ... rvice.html is about 100W that of course is going on your electricity bill .

I have seen some USA figures that quote a higher figure during the winter due to the dish heater required to melt the snow & ice. The dish pan-tilt motors seem to use quite a lot of power but only seem to be used during set-up ?

There are no figures for the spacelinks own base station power consumption but since they should be serving quite a few users the power per user should be quite small.

The figures you quote for 3/4G base stations seem quite low based on the size of the cabins and the amount of work the air-conditioning units are doing when I walk past them - I would think the aircon itself is several kW ?? The receiver coolers require quite a large amount of energy as I understand it plus the master frequency oscillator.
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