PAL - 19th August 2021

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PAL - 19th August 2021

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During last nights PopAstro Live it was stated that the Earth is getting heavier due to the amount of meteoric dust falling on the Earth. However the Earth is also losing gas to space mainly Hydrogen & Helium but other gasses as well. There is an article on the BBC website that give an approximate calculation of the amounts involved see . It includes the rather insignificant loss of mass due to the radioactive decay in the Earth's core converting mass to energy.

None of this answers the comment I posted on YouTube that the Earth is speeding up (see my post in another part of the popastro forum) about the world speeding up. It is not clear why but some of the theories include the redistribution of Ice / Water mass as a result of global warming .

It will be interesting to see what happens and if we there needs to be a negative leap second removed from UTC to keep it in synchronisation with the Earth's rotation.
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