Most distant gamma ray burst

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brian livesey
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Most distant gamma ray burst

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Chinese astrophysicists think they may have detected the oldest known gamma- ray bursts from a remote galaxy. Gamma-ray bursts are considered to be released from massive stars that explode as supernovae.
Astrophysicists at Peking University in Beijing used the Keck Obervatory in Hawaii to make observations of the oldest known galaxy, GN-z11, when they saw the Galaxy increase in luminosity by a hundred times for almost three minutes - New Scientist.
If the results of the observation are confirmed, the gamma-ray burst will be the most ancient known. It would have occurred about 400,million years after the Big Bang and would indicate that early galaxies were more active than was thought.
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Re: Most distant gamma ray burst

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Astronomers only detect seven or eight such events per year. And since their afterglow usually lasts only a few hours, the possibilities for observation are very limited.
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