Clearspace-1 for 2025 launch

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brian livesey
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Clearspace-1 for 2025 launch

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The European Space Agency has given the go-ahead for the development, construction and launching of the first operational "space-junk" removing satellite. Clearspace-1, nicknamed "The Claw", will claw bits and pieces of space debris, bring them to a lower orbit, then release them to burn up in Earth's atmosphere.
The systems controlling the claw and general manoeuving of Clearspace-1 will be developed and installed in the U.K. . There's so much orbital debris that the satellite and subsequent janitor satellites are going to be fully occupied.
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Re: Clearspace-1 for 2025 launch

Post by Brian »

Lets hope Clearspace-1 doesn't become part of the space debris problem of the future :)
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Re: Clearspace-1 for 2025 launch

Post by Lariliss »

Thank you for good news at last.
Looking forward for the results. And still, is there any anticipated, calculated impact of the janitors' working result for the atmosphere?
Actually, this is a global question, because the debris removal should become a normal event. Still, are there any calculations involved, or this is only a trial and prove?
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