The Kinman Dwarf galaxy's missing star

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The Kinman Dwarf galaxy's missing star

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Astrophysicists, using the Very Large Telescope ( VLT ) in Chile are searching for a " monster" star that has mysteriously disappeared in the Kinman Dwarf Galaxy 70 million light years away in Aquarius.
At its great distance the star cannot be seen, but the research team confirmed its presence in spectroscopic data revealing its unique chemical signature. The team has two possible explanations for the star's disappearance. One is that the star has become less luminous due to obscuring dust. The other more puzzling possibility is that the star has collapsed without producing a supernova explosion.
Research team leader, Andrew Allan, a PhD student at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, said " If the star did indeed collapse, this would be the first direct detection of a monster star ending its life in this manner ... It would be highly unusual for such a massive star to disappear without producing a bright supernova explosion." The research was published in the "Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society".
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