Celestron red dot starpointer

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Celestron red dot starpointer

Post by Bladerunner-vin »

Help please I have a Celestron. Red dot starpointer . Which has been stored in a box for about 2 years . It won’t turn on . I have replaced battery but no luck . Are they easy to repair ?
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Re: Celestron red dot starpointer

Post by Brian »

Hi and Welcome.

I don't have a red dot finder so cant help directly, but I found this on the web:

https://telescopeguides.com/red-dot-fin ... ing-fixed/

Maybe it can help you,

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Re: Celestron red dot starpointer

Post by jeff.stevens »

I have had two basic red dot finders, one that came with a Celestron 'scope, and one I bought separately. I love using them, but the intermittent problem with the battery contact plate (which Brian's linked article discusses) is really frustrating. Mine have taken a lot of adjusting to get the contact pressure right, and one accidental bang of the 'scope, when moving it from stored location to garden, can result in the finder not working next time I come to use it.

In my case, I've assumed it is the cheap quality of the red dot finder that I have acquired, I'm assuming more expensive versions don't suffer from the same problem. It seems an inherent design flaw in the ones I have.

Best wishes, Jeff.
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