Yorkshire Dales given dark sky designation

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brian livesey
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Yorkshire Dales given dark sky designation

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The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), based in Tuscon, Arizona, has granted International Dark Sky Reserves status to the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors. This has been described as a "significant step towards protecting dark skies across much of Northern England". The total area covered amounts to more than 3,600sq km.
There are only 16 certified Dark Sky Reserves in the world. This most recent designation makes it one of the largest dark sky areas in Europe. Of course, as we are aware here in the North of England,clear,cloud-free, nights are the exception, not the rule. We have around 70% cloud coverage. When it is clear here, away from the glare of towns, the night sky looks pretty spectacular, especially after rain, when particulate pollution has been washed out of the air. Mind you, this can bring its own problems. After rain the clearer, cooler, air is often unstable, causing images to wobble and scintillate.
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Kay Burton
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Re: Yorkshire Dales given dark sky designation

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Yes, in the 21st century, the hardest thing to find is the sky, the purity of which is not distorted by the light of cities. Of course, outside the city there are small such spaces, but there are very few of them, and the weather does not always favor the "use" of this piece of sky.
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