Do LED lights have cancer connection?

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Do LED lights have cancer connection?

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Researchers at the Barcelona Institute for Global health ( IS Global ) in collaboration with Exeter University, have found that city dwellers exposed to bluer light emmisions from LEDs were at higher risk of contracting cancer.
As a control group, participants who were asked to complete questionnaires about their indoor exposure to artificial light and who lived in darker rooms, had a lower cancer risk than those who did not. The health data from 5000 people between age 20 and 85 was compared to evaluate outdoor levels of exposure to artificial light.
Dr. Alejandro Sanchez de Miguel, from the University of Exeter, said: "Humans have evolved to
need light during the day and darkness at night. As towns and cities replace older lighting, we're all exposed to higher levels of blue light, which can disrupt our biological clocks.
"It's imperative that we know whether this increases our risk of cancer. Scientists have long suspected that this may be the case."
The study is published in "Environmental Health Perspective".
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