Yutu-2 trundles on ..

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Yutu-2 trundles on ..

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Since China's lunar rover landed on the moon last year, the rover has been doing good work sampling the regolith and subsurface structures at the Aiken Basin, near the lunar south pole.
Yutu-2 has surprised everyone by its longevity. The rover wasn't expected to operate for so long on the moon and has kept going far beyond expectations ( as did Nasa's Mars rovers ).
Using its ground-penetrating radar to a depth of 12 metres, Yutu-2 has discovered that the soil consists of a fine dust, which is thought to be the result of small meteorite impacts and solar radiation weathering.
At a greater depth of 24 metres, there's a layer of coarser debris from the impact of larger meteorites and also asteroids. At 40 metres penetration, there are alternating layers of fine and coarse rocks, caused by meteorites and solar weathering.
More data is expected from Yutu-2 from its low frequency radar. This is capable of revealing the rock structures several hundred metres below the lunar surface.
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