The UK's midget lunar rover

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brian livesey
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The UK's midget lunar rover

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A lunar rover, so small that it can be held in the hand, has been presented as a model by UK start-up company Spacebit. Unlike previous lunar rovers, the mini-rover has legs instead of wheels. This is to enable the rover to explore the insides of lava tubes in future missions.
Spacebit founder Pavlo Tanasyuk said, "Our goal is to go and see what is available there for all humanity to explore." The 1.5 kilogram rover will be one of fourteen payloads from other partners, along with fourteen Nasa instruments, to go to the Moon inside US company Astrobotic's Peregrine lander. Launch is set for summer 2021.
The mini-rover will "scuttle" across the lunar surface for a few metres collecting data and imaging with two cameras. Mr. Tanasyuk said, "It will spend 10 days on the Moon before going into night and basically then freezing forever." Thwe model rover was presented at the New Scientist Live event at London's ExCeL: ... 1-11832125
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Re: The UK's midget lunar rover

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Cute little devil :lol:
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Re: The UK's midget lunar rover

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The positive news is released each month as the UK space industry is growing at great speed. They have reached huge progress already
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Re: The UK's midget lunar rover

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Nice to hear that more and more countries are making progress in space exploration! Especially I like the idea of using recycled plastic in producing fuel. This company not only contribute in developing space technologies but also cares about environment on Earth
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