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We came in pieces for all mankind..

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 3:22 pm
by brian livesey
When Israel's Beresheet lunar-lander crashed on the surface of the Moon, it brought with it a cargo of tiny tardigrades. These peculiar, moss-inhabiting, eight-legged creatures, up to a millimeter in length, can survive in the most extreme conditions - from a temperature range of 150C down to almost absolute zero. They can also survive without food and water for years and can tolerate massive doses of radiation.
Before the moon launch, the tardigrades were dehydrated and encased in artificial amber, but they won't be crawling about in the debris of the lunar-lander. William Miller, a tardigrades expert at Baker University in Kansas, said, "To become active, eat and reproduce they would need water, air and food."
The creatures are numerous on Earth and and first appeared in the Cambrian. They are expected to survive until the Sun makes life on our planet intolerable: .