Artemis crew capsule ready for service

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Artemis crew capsule ready for service

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Yesterday, a Soyuz booster launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome sent three astronauts to the ISS. The launch coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Docking occurred just six hours and 20 minutes after launch.
Meanwhile, Nasa has announced that its Artemis crew capsule is ready for its first flight. The capsule will be launched on the Orion rocket as an unmanned test phase around the Moon. Nasa administrator, Jim Brindenstine, said:-
"Similar to the 1960s, we too have an opportunity to make a giant leap forward for all humanity.
"Nasa is calling this the Artemis programme in honour of Apollo's twin sister in Greek mythology, the goddess of the Moon [ and huntress ]. And we are well on our way to getting this done."
Nasa's previous deadline for a return to the Moon by astronauts has been halved to 2024 by the current US Administration.
We can only wonder if the next moon landing "for all humanity" will see the astronauts unfurl the flag of the United Nations there, and if they do, whether it would have any real substance to it :
"For me, the most iconic token of [ the first moon landing ] is the plaque signed by President Richard M. Nixon that Apollo 11 took to the moon. It read 'We came in peace for all Mankind'.
As the United States was dropping seven and a half megatons of explosives on small nations in Southeast Asia, we congratulated ourselves on our humanity. We would harm no one on a lifeless rock." CARL SAGAN.
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