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The Apollo project: what was it worth?

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 3:14 pm
by brian livesey
This is a controversial point even today. The ubiquitous Brian Cox described Apollo as "The greatest achievement in human history", while others have said that the project was way down on the list of social priorities and scientific achievements. Consider, for example, the discovery and manufacturing of pennicillin, and the millions of lives saved.
First and foremost, Apollo was primarily political in a Cold War tug-of-war for economic and cultural dominance; science was an add-on.
There's no denying that Apollo was a huge, lowest tender :shock: , engineering challenge - costing three lives - , but did it yield for space science the wealth of scientific data that the Hubble Space Telescope and other instrumentation, ground-based and in space, has done?
Some might regard Apollo as belonging in the category of the gung ho, high octane, culture propagated by the likes of Jeremy Clarkeson.
Whatever our point of view on Apollo, we can rest assured that there are going to be more boots on the Moon in the near future, and for a variety of reasons: scientific, economic and military, but not necessarily in that order.