Reminiscing about Apollo 11

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Reminiscing about Apollo 11

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Neil Armstrong's son Rick, said that he was "never scared" during his father's journey to the Moon. Rick was 12 at the time that his father became the first man to walk on the Moon in 1969.
In the days before the launch to the Moon, Rick recalled that his home was "a very busy house" with astronauts , friends and neighbours "constantly coming and going ... We had a 2ft-square poster by the front door that visitors could sign, which is still in the family," he told RADIO TIMES.
"As I recall, we tried to keep things as normal as possible. I suspect my mum was a mix of emotions, but mostly she appeared calm," said Rick. Armstrong's son was speaking about the event in preparation for the Apollo 50th anniversary celebrations later this month, and the release of two new Apollo mission films.
"Before my father left," said Rick, "we had a family meeting. I don't think I asked, 'Do you think you're coming back?' because I had no doubt that he was. Any problems that came up in the flight would be handled. I was never scared during the flight, I wasn't old enough to understand the complexity and mum always downplayed the risk to us - but of course, she knew what it was."
On the day of the Moon landing, the Armstrong family listened to Mission Control through a "squawk box" in the house. "It wasn't easy to make out what was happening on TV, so everyone was paying attention and there wasn't a lot of talking," said Rick. I didn't really understand the nature of what was going on - to me this was just Dad going to work, and I was glad he was doing this well."
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