By Jove!, could there be life on Jupiter?

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By Jove!, could there be life on Jupiter?

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According to Dr. John Hallsworth at the School of Biological Sciences at Queen's University, Belfast and his team, there's enough water on Jupiter to support life.
They've given up on the possibility of there being life on Venus because of the sheer dirth of water in the Venusian atmosphere. It's 100 times too low for life as we know it, and there's sulphuric acid to contend with.
With Jupiter, things are different. According to Dr. Hallsworth, "One thing we found which was unexpected was that the clouds of Jupiter have the right temperature and water activity combination to support life. We absolutely hadn't expected that." Dr. Hallsworth added: "I am not suggesting there is life on Jupiter...but still, it is a profound and exciting finding and totally unexpected." The research is published in NATURE ASTRONOMY.
Water seems to be the main ingredient for most life. For example, at the extreme end of the spectrum, a jellyfish is 97% water with only 3% of organic material, yet it has traction - directionless traction maybe ( or guided by changes in water temperature? ), but the organism can flex itself to move. The human body is about 65% water.
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Re: By Jove!, could there be life on Jupiter?

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Life could exist on Jupiter with the mentioned conditions, if simulations and calculations are correct.
Currently, more attention is brought to Europa also.
‘Europa is one of the best candidates for habitability because the liquid water is in direct contact with the silicate mantle,’ said Prof. Saur. ‘So there’s a possibility of the leaching out of minerals from the crust into the ocean. And the richer it is in chemical compounds, the better it is for the evolution of life.’

We do strive for any chance of extraterrestrial life.

Astrobiologists are in close participation for Mars and the Moon missions as well.
Indicating, that there is no exact definition of life, but there are several might be.
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