K2-141b: a bizzare exoplanet

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brian livesey
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K2-141b: a bizzare exoplanet

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Astrophysicists have discovered one of the most "extreme" exoplanets so far. The researchers at McGill University, York University and the Indian Institute of Science Education used computer simulations to predict the conditions on K2-141b.
The planet is so close and locked to its parent star that the perpetual "day side" has an estimated temperature of 3000 C, which is hot enough to melt and vaporise rocks. This contrasts with the night side, were temperatures can fall below 200C. The planet has winds of 3,100mph ( 5,000kph ) and there's a magma ocean 60 miles ( 100km ) deep.
Is this a picture of what our Earth will look like when, in its red giant phase, the Sun's scorching inner atmosphere envelops it?
The research is published in the journal "Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society".
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Re: K2-141b: a bizzare exoplanet

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I am inclined to think that research suggests the Universe is so vast and there are so many stars and even more planets (?) that some sort of lives must exist somewhere else besides on Earth ( or is it simply earth) but possibly way way out of human's reach. So far away does it really matter. There's an old saying curiosity killed the cat - human curiosity might have even worse results ????
Although arguably there are now so many of us it might be desirable to get a few to migrate or is it emigrate, to ????????????
Best wishes from Cliff (perhaps created such a big universe because it's the only way to produce any life at all).
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