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DSLR Camera

Post by johncopsey »

Later on in the year i want to buy DSLR Camera and lens which would be suitable for astro and normal photography.
i will be a complete novice at thisso any advice would be appreciated.
Leslie Ewan
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Re: DSLR Camera

Post by Leslie Ewan »

Hello John
Cant go far wrong with a Canon EOS 1100D. The standard lens 18-50 lens is fine for general photography but as for other lenes such as telephoto's I would suggest buying old M42 screw thread lenses off EBay .I did this and it was amazing how cheap they were. Youll need a M42 adaptor ring for them to fit but these are also cheap, only a few pounds.
If you intend to take images through a telescope a Skywatcher instument may be your best bet as they are usually supplied with M42 focus adaptors.
The other camera I use for astrophotgraphy is a Nikon 3200 this camera produces slightly better images but has technical disadvantages over the Canon and the Canon is easier to use in the dark than the Nikon. The Nikon also is not so tolerant with M42 adaptors and some telephoto lenses wont focus on infinity.
Some other models may be better for astrophotography but as I have no experience with them I cant comment.
Hope this is of help.
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