Just a note for anyone considering an erecting Diagonal

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Just a note for anyone considering an erecting Diagonal

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Just a note for anyone considering an erecting Diagonal

I am getting a 72mm Ed Skywatcher to attach my Quark Daystar filter for solar work.

Thinking that it will make a decent carry about scope, birds, terrestrial etc I decided to but an erecting diagonal, Ostara.

Now I appreciate that there are GOOD ones out there but for what I want it for £80 was a decent price, and as stated in the adverts it is a "Ostara 2'' 45 degree Erecting Prism for Telescope with 1.25'' Adaptor" on Amazon.

IT IS NOT A 2" DIAGONAL, BE WARE, in fact I paid £50 on Ebay so happy but it is NOT as described.

It is in fact a "Diagonal capable of accepting 2" eyepieces and NOT a 2" diagonal".

As a buyer and contracts officer I have always been ware of such "CONS".

If you look at the images you will see that my dialectric diagonal has a FULL 2" of CLEAR aperture, where as the Ostara is "stopped down" to 1.25" allowing for the fixing of the "prism" rather than a mirror, which is fine but really limits FOV and light gathering.
IMG_20180906_120042704[1].jpg (75.11 KiB) Viewed 1654 times
IMG_20180906_120657007[1].jpg (130.55 KiB) Viewed 1654 times
IMG_20180906_120705863[2].jpg (122.34 KiB) Viewed 1654 times
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For info, I am Autistic, Aspergers, ADHD, therefore if I come over as a little "short" on occasions it is not intended, thank you
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