Mysterious label on monocular

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Re: Mysterious label on monocular

Post by joe »

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Re: Mysterious label on monocular

Post by RMSteele »

Dear Mike, thanks for taking the trouble to report on this type of instrument in detail, as I'm not well up on them. The thoughtful comments, by David and Brian, are helpful and worthwhile reading. You three are what made this forum a pleasure to start following. Please continue to flag up your purchases in this area. What you have to say is spot on (pun intended).
Kind thoughts, Bob
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Re: Mysterious label on monocular

Post by mike a feist »

Hello Brian: The "Helios" range does seem less available of late, with the "Hawke" range replacing it in the shops. The final choice I came down too, in Bakers (Lewes), was between an Opticron 8x32 LE WP monocular at £119, and a Vixen 8x42 monocular at £49.99.

Both were of more or less similar overall size (although, of course the later was 42mm rather than 32mm.) I was interested in the Opticron because in the past I had an Opticron 8x30 WP monocular but not LE = long eye relief).

However, finally I went for the Viking because it has a focus mechanism requiring use of one finger, like the Hawke 10 x 50 and 15 x 50 monoculars, and really also because it was half-the-price of the Opticron.

By experiment, looking down the hall and walking towards the frontdoor until I could not get a focus, the distance measured 80" or about 2 metres. The fov marked on the monocular as 367ft @ 1000yds which is 7 degrees.

It comes with a small draw-string bag which is very fiddly but does fit the simple case from the fake monocular, the monocular which now exists only as bits after its post mortem.!

regards maf
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Re: Mysterious label on monocular

Post by jeff.stevens »

It was bought the minocular in a "secondhand bazaar" - everything being "sold-as seen" as old, recycled etc, otherwise I would have returned it.
I've done the same myself, Mike, on many occasions, and I'm no where near as knowledgeable as you on optics.

I've had some successes though. I bought an 8x40 binocular for £18, from the indoor market in Barnstaple. It wasn't by any means pristine, and the focus is slightly stiff in one place, but the optics give me almost as decent a view as more expensive pairs I have bought. Because I didn't pay too much for them, I'm happy to leave them easily accessible on the sideboard, and so they tend to get used quite frequently. I've always worked on the theory that the best bit of astro kit I have is the one I'm likely to use most frequently.

Best wishes, Jeff.
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