How acute is your binocular vision?

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How acute is your binocular vision?

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It's surprising how much variability there is in skywatchers' visual acuteness. In their interesting book "Stargazing with Binoculars", jointly written by Robin Scagell and David Frydman, we are told that the North American Nebula in Cygnus is difficult to see in binoculars.
The object might well be difficult these days due to the proliferation of light pollution, but lying on my back on the back lawn in the 1970s, I was able to see the nebula quite easily in 8X40 binoculars ( I wish I'd kept this exceptionally bright glass! ).
"Stargazing with Binoculars" gives interesting information about binoculars and there's an observational section.
The book nicely complements Patrick Moore's "Observing the Universe with Binoculars", which concentrates more on the observational side, constellation by constellation and with lunar and planetary sections. In Moore's book, he said that he could never see the Ring Nebula in any of the binoculars he used ( it's possible that he meant the annulus ), but I could just see it in 10X50 bins and it was obvious in the 20X60's.
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