Help me please

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Help me please

Post by MikeW »

I have broken the front of my wife’s Meade lxd75 10” telescope
I am so struggling to find a replacement for her
Can people here advise on a superceding model or a telescope that is as good as and that can use the autostar mount and the eye pieces
I am so in the dog house :roll:
brian livesey
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Re: Help me please

Post by brian livesey »

Hi Mike, sorry to hear about the disaster. Which parts on the front of the 'scope are actually broken? Do you mean the focuser?
Could you attempt a repair job on the 'scope? It might be easier than you think.
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Re: Help me please

Post by Brian »

Hello Mike.

I read into your post that your wife's telescope is a Meade 10inch Schmidt-Newtonian and that the part broken is likely as not the glass corrector plate at the top of the tube assembly?

If so then it will be a problem to get fixed as the design has not been produced for a number of years now. It might be possible to get hold of a second-hand tube assembly from sites such as UK-Astro-Buy-Sell or the classifieds here by placing a wanted ad. Other sites are also available :)

If that proves a problem, then your LX75 mounting will take arrange of other telescope tube assemblies if they are fitted with the correct dovetail. For instance other makes of 10inch diameter telescope tubes (eg. Newtonian, f4-f6 focal ratio) might well fit your existing tube-rings from the broken optical tube.

Just a few thoughts.

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