Nat Geo 60mm refractor elevation gear problem

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Nat Geo 60mm refractor elevation gear problem

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I own the telescope above and have an issue with the mount, specifically with the gears for adjusting the elevation. The gear attached to the handle comes loose very easily resulting in loss of bind on the gears resulting in the elevation dropping. This can be fixed each time by tightening the alan key for the gear. This is however a pain!

Has anyone come across this before and have a solution or suggestions for a mount that may fit this telescope that is halfway decent!

Thanks for any help offered.

Bill Scutcher
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Re: Nat Geo 60mm refractor elevation gear problem

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Hello Matt

I'm not familiar with the telescope or the mount you have. I've had a bit of a look on the web and that has not helped a lot because I found two different types of mount.

However, if the problem is an Allen screw unscrewing itself, it may be possible to stop that by wrapping some PTFE thread tape around the thread and then screwing it in. Alternatively it may be possible to use some Loctite thread sealant (e.g. number 243) on the threads of the screw. Do not use Loctite super-glue. Also, I would not use Loctite sealant if the screw, the thread or any of the parts the sealant will come into contact with are plastic.

Hope this is a help.

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