Solar Filter Telescope at Aldi.

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Solar Filter Telescope at Aldi.

Post by Brian »

A 76mm Reflector by NatGeo with removable full-aperture solar filter £49.99 ... stNovember

Quote <
A National Geographic Dobson telescope will give you phenomenal views of the night sky. And with a CE tested and certified Solar Filter, you'll also be able to observe the sun!

Accessories Included

•Smartphone Holder
•2 x Eyepieces: 4mm & 20mm
•Height adjustable tripod with accessory tray
•Astronomy software

•Magnification: 18x - 117x
Adjustable Height: Yes
Brand: National Geographic
Lens Size: 76mm
Lens Type: Barlow Lens with 2 x Additional Magnification
Maximum Magnification: 18x - 117x
Product Type: Telescopes & Microscopes
Weight: 1.8kg


Seems to have raised a bit of debate about the wisdom of selling a solar 'scope for use by children though. Should be OK with adult supervision though?
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David Frydman
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Re: Solar Filter Telescope at Aldi.

Post by David Frydman »

Personally I would not go near this scope.
To sell a solar telescope at a low price is asking for trouble.
It also looks cheap and nasty.

If this results in even one child suffering serious permanent eye damage, then it is wrong.
Observing the Sun is dangerous and 'toy' solar telescopes on flimsy mounts are not right.

This is for commercial gain without thought for the probable consequences.

If it was sold without the solar filter, with full warnings NOT TO LOOK AT THE SUN then I would have no problem with this scope as a night time astro scope.

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Re: Solar Filter Telescope at Aldi.

Post by brian livesey »

Ditto :shock: .
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