Meade 5000 102 ED APO Backfocus

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Meade 5000 102 ED APO Backfocus

Post by robbruce »

Hi All,

I was just wondering if this is normal when I setup the scope in the daytime and focus on something about 3 miles away I only have 4mm of back focus, i have mainly noticed this since fitting my new 2" diagonal. Will this be the same at night or maybe even worse?


brian livesey
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Re: Meade 5000 102 ED APO Backfocus

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Focusing on objects three miles away Rob means that your 'scope is focused at infinity, so anything in the nightsky would be also focused. What magnifications are you using?
The MEADE 5000 102 ED/f.7 doesn't seem to get very good reviews. Some people who have used it prefer the TAL 102/f.10 achromat.
mike a feist
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Re: Meade 5000 102 ED APO Backfocus

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Although about a different telescope, perhaps a similar "problem" here. Recently I bought a Acuter DS65 spotting scope, which comes with a zoom eyepiece, but will accept the normal 32mm eyepieces. Bought a number of Plossls, all were ok but the Barlow (x2), although working well when used on nearby views of birds and rooftops etc it would not quite reach focus at infinity, except for one eyepiece, the 40mm. This however was usable throughout and did enable some good hand-led camera shots of the Moon. regards maf
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