How to clean my telescope?

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How to clean my telescope?

Post by AnnaAnna »

Hey Guys!

My parents presented me a telescope . levenhuk skyline 50 600 .. How should i clean it? with water?
brian livesey
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Re: How to clean my telescope?

Post by brian livesey »

Every time we rub a lens Anna we affect the surface. There will come a time when a little cleaning might be necessary though, but keep cleaning to a minimum and cap the objective ( front lens ) when you are not using the 'scope.
Use lens cleaner from a camera shop, but don't squirt it onto the objective, as the fluid will go inside and make a mess. Put a drop or two on a cloth and gently wipe the front of the objective, but before you do this, sweep the objective with a soft artist's brush to remove any tiny particles of grit that might be on the objective to avoid scratches when you apply the cloth.
Make a dew shield tube about 6 inches long to fit over the front tube and paint it matt black inside; this will reduce the chance of dew forming on the objective.
My second smallest 'scope is the same as yours, but branded as a CELESTRON 50mm. For its size it gives decent images of the Moon and the brighter planets. It's good for seeing sunspots too, but with a special sun filter to protect the eyes from the intense heat. Have fun :D .
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