alignment difficulty

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alignment difficulty

Post by robertmoore »

In my current location I only have a narrow rectangular 'slot' of sky overhead - north to south. There is no way I can align my Meade (alt-az) GoTo telescope. If I have bright stars they are not sufficiently separated. Are there any other methods of aligning this telescope? I know polar alignment is possible using the Sun's shadow, but I have seen nothing for alt-az. At present I face the prospect of a winter without observing. All my expensive gear is idle! If I could get lined up in my location I would like to do some visual observing in the northern circumpolar region.

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Re: alignment difficulty

Post by Brian »

Hello Robert and welcome.

Can you give some information about your instrument, particularly what are the mounting and handset models?
Just for info I have an old (15years) Meade LX90 with Autostar controller and its possible to just "sync" with a known star by pressing "enter" twice, meaning the system knows where it is without doing a 2-star setup. Don't know if similar is possible with your systen?

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Re: alignment difficulty

Post by John G »

Hello Robert,

You say you have a rectangular slot north to south, are you able to choose a star in each quadrant? Usually or certainly with Celestron and SW you need a decent separation between stars and also between 30 and 70 degrees as well, but it may be different for Meade. If you can 2 star align on any stars then then perhaps as Brian mentioned you can then sync on another star to improve the pointing model, some systems allow you to add further sync stars thus overall improving accuracy.

Would be interested to know what system you use.
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Re: alignment difficulty

Post by Kay Burton »

I was lucky with the view, I can turn around and look at any part of the sky. But I have a hardware problem. I have an old telescope, shabby. I don't even know his brand. The lenses are weak enough in it and I want something more powerful already. But I am not very good at hardware. Can you please tell me, from these options, does it make sense to take or not? Here and at prices are different, but I do not look at cheap ones, because their power will be small, but I want to see as much as possible. Or maybe you can advise me as a beginner a suitable option, understandable to use.
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Re: alignment difficulty

Post by RMSteele »

Hello Kay, the link you give does not seem to work properly. When I search it, I just get a title in cyrillic script! Maybe if you could tell us roughly where you are in the world (I don't automatically assume you live in the UK) and what your budget is, the equipment experts might be able to advise you better. Also, what is the aperture of the telescope you have now? Is it a reflector (mirrors) or a refractor (lenses)? What kind of a stand does it have? We all start with a shabby telescope. Mine was an old hand-held naval telescope with a crack in the front lens. It magnified about 20 times. It was enough to show the Moon and a few other things when I rested it on the garden fence.
Kind thoughts to you, Bob
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