Pop Astro Live 20210226 - Anti Hydrogen +

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Pop Astro Live 20210226 - Anti Hydrogen +

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In the chat I commented about the properties of anti-hydrogen and if gravitational effects are the same as for Hydrogen. There are three experiments in progress to try to measure what happens to anti-hydrogen in a gravitational field. See https://home.cern/news/news/physics/rai ... xploration This URL is about GBAR (Gravitational Behaviour of Antihydrogen at Rest). Five other experiments are based at the Antiproton Decelerator, two of which – AEGIS and ALPHA – are also studying the effect of gravity on antimatter. Links are at the bottom of the page.

While CERN is known for accelerating Hadrons including Protons the trick with making anti-hydrogen is to slow the anti-protons & positrons down so they form atoms of Hydrogen hence the proton decelerator.

You may think measuring the effect of gravity on anti-hydrogen is easy but as anti-hydrogen is destroyed if it meets normal matter the only way to contain it is in a magnetic bottle or trap in a high vacuum. The magnetic field has far more impact on the motion of the anti-hydrogen than gravity does so it is a difficult experiment to perform.

CERN is also measuring other properties of anti-hydrogen to confirm that they are the same as normal Hydrogen. Any difference in properties could give an insight as to why we live in a normal matter dominated Universe as equal quantities of Matter & Anti-Matter should have been created in the big bang and should have destroyed each other into a massive number of Gamma Ray Photons.
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