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Guides, Links & Resources (Updated 01/09/2007)

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If you have any recommendations for appropriate astronomy related guides, links or resources, or if you spot any links that are incorrect or no longer valid, then please send the relevant details in a private message to either Joe or Robin.


American Association of Variable Star Observers
Association for Astronomy EducationImage
British Astronomical Association
European Space Agency
Federation of Astronomical Societies
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Space Centre
Planetary Society
Royal Astronomical Society
Society for Popular Astronomy
VSNET Variable Stars
Webb Society


Astronomy Now
Sky At Night
Sky & Telescope
The Astronomer

Books & Articles

Astrophotography: A guide for the amateur astronomer - Michael A Covington
Astrophotography: An introduction to film and digital imaging - HJP Arnold
Atlas of the Moon - Antonin Rukl
Burnham's Celestial Handbook - Robert Burnham
Drawing The Moon - Andrew Johnson
Exploring the Night Sky With Binoculars - Patrick Moore
Norton's Star Atlas and Reference Handbook - Edited by Ian Ridpath
Philips Dark Skies Map
Philips Moon Map
Sky & Telescope's Pocket Sky AtlasImage
Star Atlas 2000.0 - Wil Tirion
Starlight Nights - Leslie C Peltier
Universe - William J Kaufmann
Universe Today - 365 Days of Skywatching
Interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas


ABEBooks Source of second-hand and out of print books
Asteroidal Occultations (Europe, Africa & Middle East)
Asteroidal Occultations (UK)
Asteroid Orbital Elements
Binocular Certificate Handbook (Observer’s guide - 2Mb Download)
Comet Orbital Elements
Computing Sun and Moon Transits by the ISS
Digital Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon
Digitised Sky Survey
JPL Orbit Simulation Diagrams
Limiting Visual Magnitude Determination
SIMBAD Astronomical Database
SEDS Messier Database
Sky & Telescope – Current Position of Jupiter’s Moons
UK Astronomy Usenet Discussion Group


Armagh Planetarium
Astronomy By Distance Learning
Astronomy Notes
Atmospheric Optics
BBC Science/Nature News
BBC Space
Campaign for Dark Skies
Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews
Foundations of Modern Cosmology
Heavens-Above (Satellite viewing predictions)
International Dark Sky Association
International Year of Astronomy 2009Image
Met Office Satellite Imagery (British Isles visual satellite)
Mike McCants' Satellite Tracking Web Pages
Moon Watch: An Einstein Year Project
Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial
Particle Adventure
Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy
SeeSat-L (Visual Satellite Observers)
SPA Members' Observing Locations
Space Telescope Science Institute
Space Weather
The Telescope Review Website


All Research Telescopes
Bradford Robotic Telescope
Chandra X-ray
European Southern
Hubble Space Telescope
Jodrell Bank
Roswell Astronomy Club - Listen to Radio Meteors
Royal Observatory Greenwich

Planetarium Software

Cartes du Ciel
Starry Night
Virtual Moon Atlas

Image Processing Software

IRIS - An astronomical images processing software
Photoshop Elements
Paint Shop Pro

E-Mail Alerts

Spaceflight Now News
Sky & Telescope News