Affinity Photo adds stacking for astrophotography

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Paul Sutherland
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Affinity Photo adds stacking for astrophotography

Post by Paul Sutherland »

I wasn't sure whether to add this here or in the Computers/software section, but I see that the latest version of Affinity Photo (Windows and Mac) has added a feature, stacking for astrophotography. There are also several video tutorials on the subject. I bought the app a while back, and it seems to have all the bells and whistles of Photoshop. Best of all, Affinity are still offering it at half price at the moment (£23.99) as with their other apps in the suite. ... ndows-190/
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Re: Affinity Photo adds stacking for astrophotography

Post by jeff.stevens »

Sounds interesting. Cheers Paul.

I’ve not much experience of stacking. I found Registax just too complicated, or perhaps I should say I didn’t really have the time to invest in it to acquire the skill to use it properly.

I downloaded a copy of Sequator, which looks slightly more user friendly, but again I need to find some time to invest in learning it.

Best wishes, Jeff.
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Re: Affinity Photo adds stacking for astrophotography

Post by Brian »

Jeff: I used Registax from v0.1 to v6.0. In it's day (2003?) it was a revolution in planetary video/image processing. You cannot imagine how much time and effort went into getting a final planetary image before Registax was made freely available. In my opinion v5 was the best, most user-friendly. Unfortunately Registax is now "abandonware" but it still the best for wavelet sharpening. Autostakkert is better for the stacking part of planetary video processing.

Paul: Thanks for the heads-up. I still use PaintshopPro v8 for general image processing but will certainly look at Affinity Photo now :)

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