Chinese astronauts return to Earth

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Chinese astronauts return to Earth

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Three of China’s astronauts have completed their 90-day mission at the Tianhe core module for China’s space station, 240 miles (380km) above the Earth. It was the country’s longest manned space mission.
The three astronauts landed in the Gobi desert. The Shenzhou-12 mission was the first of four crewed missions planned for the next two years, as China constructs its approximately Mir-sized space station. In all, the three station modules will require 11 missions to complete and fully equip.
On next month’s Shenzou-13 mission the astronauts will stay at the station for six months. On Monday the Tianzhou-3 cargo mission will launch an automated spacecraft with further supplies from the Wenchang launch site in southern China.
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Re: Chinese astronauts return to Earth

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Good news.
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