Elsa-d litter picking satellite to launch

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Elsa-d litter picking satellite to launch

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From today's Mirror:

Little bigger than a domestic fridge, Elsa-d will attempt to snatch a satellite at 17000 mph. This is a test run for a system which may help to tackle the some 8000 tons of debris orbiting Earth, posing threats to working satellites and the ISS. From mission control near Didcot the team will work in shifts as the 400lb craft will release a 37lb satellite and then attempt to catch it using some complex manoeuvres .

Blastoff is on Saturday from Baikanur. The exercise may take up to 8 months to complete after which the Elsa-d duo will go for burn-up.

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Re: Elsa-d litter picking satellite to launch

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The company also plans to offer its space debris removal services to satellite operators.
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Re: Elsa-d litter picking satellite to launch

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A major problem with space junk is the sheer rate it’s being produced at. It would require swarms of “janitor satellites” to keep up with it. This is akin to mopping up the water from an overflowing bath instead of turning off the tap.
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Re: Elsa-d litter picking satellite to launch

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I would also add the burning in the atmosphere contaminating issue.
The first janitors to be launched - is a good news.
But without collaboration and concept further development, there might be new issue on-top.
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Re: Elsa-d litter picking satellite to launch

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When you consider the cost to launch anything, to say nothing of the cost to produce that thing, space junk must be highly valuable. If I lived in orbit with my family, I would have Junior and Sissie out there in shifts earning their keep by bringing the valuables home. Processed metals and composites are rare enough, but the electronics can be salvaged or repurposed, even if only used for surfacing.
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