Part of The Soul nebula

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Ian Papworth
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Part of The Soul nebula

Post by Ian Papworth »

I decided to have a little experiment to see how much of the Soul nebula in Cassiopeia I could image with my current camera and telescope combination and whether a mosaic would be possible. In the long term I would like to purchase a refractor with a larger FOV.

Image captured using an Altair hypercam 183c pro and skywatcher 150p.
soul neb_compress65.jpg
soul neb_compress65.jpg (92.94 KiB) Viewed 232 times
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Altair Hypercam 183c pro
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Re: Part of The Soul nebula

Post by davidm61 »

Looks good. A wider field of view would help, and save on time having to take multiple panels and then combine, but to me, this looks nice 8)
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